REAL Scary Story #1: The Black Mass

She laid in bed, next to her basement bedroom window. The light from the street lamp outside in the cold February night, filtering through the blinds. She rolled over and glanced at the clock, it was 2:36am. She turned over again, her back against the window, trying to sleep, this time of night had always made her uneasy. Unable to sleep, again she rolled over, the clock now said 2:43am. She all of a sudden felt a presence, a spiritual one, her heart started racing in hopeful anticipation, could it be her dead father coming to visit her?

Then something happened that she had never experienced before and that she still hasn’t to this day.

A black mass slowly moved to block any light that was coming through the window from outside, so she could not see what entity was before her. She knew in this moment, this was not a loved one as she had hoped. The entity was not satisfied with no light coming through the window, it decided to force her head away from it & held her body still, for good measure.

Rather than becoming terrified, like most would, and for good reason, she became extremely aggressive & angry. She was trying to force her head to turn so she could face her opponent, to now avail. The feeling of someone, or something’s breath caressed her right ear that faced them, not hot, not cold, then it spoke two words, “Oh God.” Again, still furious, through gritted teeth she forced out the words “F**k Off!”. She remained paralyzed for quite some time until she finally fell asleep again..

In the morning, she woke up to her mom entering her room looking concerned… “Grandpa isn’t doing well, we need to go see him today. I’ve called the school already to let them know you’ll be absent.” Then she turned and left.

With this new piece of information, in combination with what happened last night, Meghan knew what was coming, as she had before, death. Sure enough, only 3 days later, her grandfather had moved on to the other side. This was not the first nor the last time she would predict death based upon weird spiritual things happening to her.

Knowing things before they happen is a challenge, to say the least. If you tell people your predictions & you’re right they think you’re crazy or it’s a coincidence, if you tell them and you’re wrong, again, they think you’re crazy. If you decide not to tell anyone, then you feel guilty because you wonder, would the outcome have been different if I had warned/told someone? Luckily, the vast majority of people I know, don’t judge me and are open minded.

I wanted to write something different than I have ever written or posted on here before, and what better time than October?

I hope you enjoyed this scary, short, true story of mine. Please let me know if you did because I have more. If not, do not worry because I have loads of my usual content scheduled. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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