Best Resources (Financial & Other):

  • ThriftBooks -Online second-hand book dealer. (All links to books are affiliate on my blog)
  • Betterment -Invest your first $5,000 for FREE.
  • BetterHelp -We each get a FREE week of therapy.
  • Back Market -My referral code: 6888f588d6f85083 -$10 off your order! Refurbished Tech! My sister & I both got “new” phones from there. They’re awesome, great quality, so much cheaper than buying new (by up to 70%), came super fast, was super easy to buy, AND we saved 123 pounds of carbon emissions, each!


Finance Books:

(Too many to list!) *I always use thriftbooks now to purchase books, they’re so much cheaper & since they’re second hand, it’s better for the environment too. Other thrift or second-hand book stores are great too, or the library! Better than giving Amazon or Barnes & Noble more money & creating more demand for brand new books.

My Favorite “Self-Help” Books:


My Favorite YouTubers:

(When it comes to self-help, sustainability, spirituality, or minimalism. I have other people I watch for entertainment.)

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