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People are capable of managing their own finances, especially with modern technology. The age of filling out paperwork and making phone calls to your expensive advisor is over. You can receive all the knowledge you need on how to manage your money online for free, or through books for cheap. That’s where I come in. I do all of the work and studying, then give you the simple facts you need to make intelligent financial choices, through this website, my Financial Planning Guide, and my podcast. I also understand that making money isn’t everything. I often like to make posts to help you become a better version of yourself and feel more at peace. I’m so excited to have the privilege to help you on your financial and life journey.

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Hello, and welcome to Ease Your Financial Payne! I’m Meghan, a personal finance nerd. I worked at a bank for two years, have two years of employment and mentorship with two successful financial advisors who have 35+ years of professional experience, and am licensed in life & health insurance in the state of Minnesota. I’m the creator of the Money For Everyone podcast, have experience as a financial consultant for friends and family, and have my lived experience of buying a home, investing, and paying off debt. I also have a two year degree in Business Management, have read many finance books, and listened to many financial podcasts. Overall, I’ve spent 14,000+ hours working in the personal finance industry and studying it. I genuinely want to help others be financially successful, and particularly help young people avoid financial mistakes.
Also, I love Environmental Sustainability and Minimalism, or, “Eco-Minimalism” and make posts every now and then about this topic.
I use affiliate links to companies or websites whose products or services I love, believe in, and recommend to my friends, which includes you.

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My husband and I on our Wedding Day: August 28th, 2018

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*Disclaimer: I am not a licensed financial advisor, no advice guarantees success. All investing involves risk. 
Business Email: themoneyparent@gmail.com

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