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Interested in achieving financial independence to retire early? Want to make choices to support a healthy environment? Want to majorly simplify and uncomplicate your life? So do we, and we really want to help others do the same! That’s what this blog is all about. We share our experiences, ideas, helpful resources, and anything else we think could be beneficial to others.

Hello, and welcome to Ease Your Financial Payne! I’m Meghan and I am a personal finance nerd. I worked at a bank for two years, worked with two financial advisors for over 2 years, am licensed in life & health insurance in the state of Minnesota, and co-host a finance podcast with my friend Eric called Money For Everyone (episodes linked in the middle of this page).. Oh, and I run this website & post weekly.
Also, we love Environmental Sustainability and Minimalism, or, “Eco-Minimalism”. I create some content about spirituality every now and then too.
I make sure my website stays ad free. I will use affiliate links to companies or websites whose products or services I love, believe in, and recommend to my friends.

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Our Wedding Day August 28th, 2018

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How to Deal With People Giving You Gifts as a Minimalist..

Originally posted on The Paynes:
Are you someone who is trying to attain or maintain a minimalist lifestyle, but has friends or family that love giving gifts? This post is for you! My husband and I also struggle with this, but we’ve found some ways to hopefully lessen the influx of stuff that comes into…

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*Disclaimer: I am not a licensed financial advisor, no advice guarantees success.

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