Things We Still Buy as Minimalists:

A lot of people think minimalists don’t buy anything except needs like food & shampoo, but that is not true. We have hobbies and unnecessary things we like to buy too. It’s about cutting out all spending that is not important to you and prioritizing how you spend your time and money.

My husband and I used to be terrible with overspending, I was the worst. We would go shopping every weekend and eat out multiple times a week. We have finally realized what matters to us and brings us joy.

Here are some things we spend money on that aren’t necessities like cleaning products:

  • Used books from ThriftBooks -I love reading and learning. I believe that books really change your life and everyone should read more. If you struggle with reading, audiobooks are a great way to go too. I just personally love having physical books, I like to share them with friends and family.
  • Secondhand tech -When we need a “new” phone, laptop, or Apple Watch, we go through Back Market to get great refurbished tech. We aren’t the kind of people that buy a new phone every 1-2 years, but when our tech can no longer function well, this is our go to.
  • Disc golf equipment -Brandon LOVES disc golf, so each year he buys, sells, and trades his discs all through the spring, summer, & fall. I’m not a fan of the sport, but I often go with him to walk around on the different courses to get outside and exercise.
  • Video games -We each have different video games we enjoy playing. Brandon plays the PS4 and I play on the PC. Sometimes we buy physical games, sometimes we just download the game, it depends what is more cost effective.
  • Home improvement stuff -We could leave our home as it is and be content, but we enjoy slowly improving our home to make it more our style. We often check the Habitat Restore first, then go to Menards for what we need.

Other than that, we don’t buy things anymore, we have everything we need and more. If we do spend money it is on experiences like concerts, museums, or canoe rental.

The main idea is thinking about what you would be willing to sacrifice spending money on so that you can reach financial independence faster and have more time for what matters most like taking care of your health and relationships.

If you’re a minimalist, what things do you still buy?

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2 thoughts on “Things We Still Buy as Minimalists:

    1. We go through phases with video games, sometimes we play them, sometimes we don’t for a very long time. I personally play more basic PC games like the Sims 4 and Minecraft, I haven’t played them though in a long time. There is another game I play online that I am way too old for lol, but it’s nostalgic for me and my 14 year old sister now likes to play it, so I have an excuse. Every once in a while when there is a more popular game out, I’ll play that too, like Among Us in 2020. Brandon plays a lot of different ones, again, he goes through phases. He has played Skyrim like 20 times through. He likes the Fallout games, the Bioshock games, Minecraft, Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us, anything with Zombies, and more, it depends what is newer and popular too. Except Skyrim, he’ll be playing that when he’s 70 lol.

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