Do Better, Not Your Best.

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It is impossible for someone to be their “best” all of the time. Doing your best is often associated with perfection too.

The goal should never be perfection, but to be a slightly better version of yourself than you were the day before. Thats it. Even if all you did was a therapy session to be a better person for yourself and others, or study a language for 15 minutes, or smoke one less cigarette, or go for a 15 minute walk. Slowly become a better you through tiny actions each day. There may be days that you need to help and support others instead, such as a sick spouse or a child. Helping other beings is one of the most important things on this planet.

Through making yourself a better person each day, you are making the world a better place each day. We are all interconnected.
This is your permission to stop setting the bar so high. If you have an area or two you want to really work on in your life, do something small each day to get better, not perfect and not your absolute best.

Perfection is an absurd goal that will never be reached. Perfection promotes procrastination and insecurity in people. As long as you can look back on the week you’ve had and can say you’ve learned & grown as a person and have made progress, that’s a major success. The small daily actions you take have the largest impact on your life and, ultimately, are your life. What you choose to do everyday is your life.

So, how do you want to live your daily life?

What areas do you want to do better in? How are you going to do better? And why are you going to do better?

Please throw perfection and being your best out the window, and just do better today. Something is better than nothing.

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