Think No Evil

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We all know the saying: “see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil”. Well I think a 4th or an alternative option needs to be added: Think no evil. By evil, I mean negative, and by thoughts, I mean about everything, not just about others. That includes you, your goals, life, etc.

You cannot speak evil (negatively) without having thought of evil (negatively) first, and you cannot always control what you hear and see. Although we have more control over what we hear and see than we believe we do.

This is why I believe “Think no evil” is an even better place to start. It’s nearly impossible to not think of negative thoughts, but being aware and catching yourself when you do, is a huge first step. Then you can slowly guide your mind away from those thoughts by using logic and empathy, and eventually, you’ll find yourself thinking negative thoughts far less and speaking negatively far less, and enjoying life more. Our thoughts become our reality. What we focus on and think about is what we will find more of in our life.

I am challenging myself, and you, to “think no evil”. Life is often far worse in our own minds than in reality. We jump to the worst-case scenarios, which causes us to lose sleep, and be distracted & irritable, even if what we’re thinking about isn’t actually happening or has a very low probability of happening.

Stop paying for “debts” that probably won’t happen, and aren’t actually happening right now. Look at the real facts. Even accept the worst-case scenario outcome and figure out what you can choose to do if that worst case scenario occurs. You’ll find there are many solutions and that the “worst-case scenario” actually isn’t as bad as you thought.

This post was greatly inspired by How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie. I know this book has changed millions of lives, and will continue to change millions more.

I highly recommend everyone reads this book. It is proof our mindset is everything. It even controls our physical health, the vast majority of the time. If you want to live a long, healthy, peaceful life. Listen to this post and book and apply these principles to your life.

Thank you for reading!

P. S. Since starting to read this book about a month ago, I’ve actually felt content with my life for the first time since about 12 years old. When “bad” things happen, they don’t really feel as bad and I get over them faster. I genuinely feel more at peace and have been living in the moment rather than obsessing over what the future may bring, which we all know is nearly impossible to predict.

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