The Power of Manifestation:

I know a lot of people will roll their eyes at this title & a couple years ago, I would have to.

Today, I am hoping to open your mind up to the idea of manifestation, starting with guiding your beliefs & thoughts. I will tell you how to combat negative thoughts to create your own destiny & how to manifest. I then give personal examples of how manifestation has materialized what I wanted into my reality to prove you can do it too.

My previous post that inspired this one: You Are a Lot Closer to Your Ideal Lifestyle Than You Think. -I updated it a ton after I initially posted it & I suggest reading this post first, before this one.

Quote from Mahatma Gandhi

Every great invention was once just a thought in someone’s mind. The same can be said for all of the terrible atrocities that have happened in human history, they were once “just a belief” or “just a thought”…

Our reality is truly whatever we decide to make it in our mind. I understand there is privilege in that statement, but if we keep believing and supporting our positive beliefs, they will one day become our destiny.

Negative thoughts are very dangerous.. because they will manifest themselves too, just like positive ones. This is why it is important to stop them right in their tracks & not let them progress. We need to recognize that they’re there & release them from us. If we hear negative words from others, we should kindly provide a positive twist, or at a minimum call them out. A great & frightening example of this, is if you hear someone say something racist (even if covertly). Their belief has expanded so much that they now feel comfortable expressing it verbally, which will eventually lead to action.. if it hasn’t already.

I am sounding very preachy, but the irony is that I struggle with negative thoughts constantly. Some days are worse than others, but that is okay. Negative thoughts & negative things in your life will happen, no matter what. The first step is to recognize when they’re popping up. I grapple most with not beating myself up for having negative thoughts in the first place. The key is to not shame yourself, it only adds to the negativity. Recognize that your thoughts are not you, but they can eventually become who you are if you let them keep growing (But YOU can always choose to change & to make your life better). So for the negative thoughts it is best to say to yourself, “Huh, I don’t believe that & it’s not true, but thank you anyway, mind!” For positive thoughts, water them, let them grow in your mind. Reinforce the positive thoughts with real life examples that have already happened, even if it hasn’t happened for you yet.

Combating Negative Thoughts with Facts:

Negative thought: “No one ever reaches out to me, I always have to reach out to others, they must all hate me.” Positive afterthought: “Hm, has NO ONE EVER reached out to me? My mom messaged me yesterday checking in & I guess I had a friend reach out to me two weeks ago now that I think about it. Has any of these people actually said they hate me or no longer want to hang out with me? No.. Okay, well then they’re all probably preoccupied with their own lives, their time to reach out to me will come. So it sounds like there is no truth to that negative thought. I’m ready to move on with my day now.”

Negative thought: “I never make money, money always escapes me.” Positive afterthought: “Have I really NEVER made ANY money? Okay, well, no, of course I have.. Am I going to have more money once I get paid next week? Yes.. Is there any way I can possibly find to save more money? I guess I could start eating out only once a week.. So it sounds like I do make money & money always comes to me.” Then you can continue reinforcing that thought as time goes on, repeating to yourself, “Money comes to me all the time, I always make money.” These thoughts will turn into actions, that turn into habits, that turn into values, that turn into your destiny. It won’t be an over night change, but after a couple months or years, you’ll probably be shocked at how far you’ve come!

How to Manifest:

  • Meditation- Zone out, or focus on one chant/positive affirmation.
  • Write out what you want to manifest- create actionable steps with timelines! Put a due date on your goals! Even if it seems a little crazy. You’d be so surprised what you can accomplish.
  • Read about or learn from people who have done what you want to do.
  • Speak what you want to manifest out loud- be open to new ideas/routes/options. If you tell your network you want a new job & exactly what you want, someone may find exactly what you’re looking for!
  • Reflect on what you want to manifest daily. Keep it in mind, but don’t become consumed by it or anxious about it, trust that what you deserve will come to you when it is meant to.
  • Water Manifestation! This is a new concept I just learned & am trying it out for the first time. So I’m not sure how powerful it is yet, but I will let you all know! Here is a video I watched about it.

Very important side note: **I have had SO many things not work out how I wanted them to. I’ve learned, over & over again, that if you keep pushing & trying, but what you’re trying to manifest still isn’t coming, it’s not meant to happen, at least not then, because something different & better is waiting for you. This has happened to me with jobs, apartments, houses, relationships, even death, you name it. Each time, I get distraught because things aren’t going how I wanted, but months or years later, I realize it is all a part of a much bigger plan. Now, when I look back at the things I wanted so badly I could taste it, I am SO glad they did not work out! Trust the process/universe/god, whatever you believe. I think I’ve finally learned to stop forcing things that just aren’t working out. Stop trying so hard & let things be!

Some ways my positive thoughts have become my reality:

I’m not going to go over how my negative thoughts have manifested, because I have let them go & do not want to give more energy to them. 🙂

  • In my relationship- when I broke up with my boyfriend before my husband, I explained to him why we were wrong together & what kind of a person I wanted to be in a relationship with. I then explained this “dream partner” to friends, describing him as “Logical, level-headed, similar sense of humor to me, works for his own money, similar taste in music, takes care of himself, and has very similar morals, values, & beliefs.” Mere weeks later, I connected with my now husband, who surprisingly turned out to be all of these things. I spoke aloud what I wanted & believed he was out there, & he appeared.
  • My current job- I hated my job before this one. I remember speaking aloud to coworkers, friends, & family what kind of job I wanted. “I want an office desk job that gives me flexibility to work from home a lot & be able to have appointments during the day without needing to take a whole day off of work. I don’t want to work in direct constant customer service anymore. I want a boss who is calm & let’s me use the bathroom when I need to.” And low & behold, my future boss walked into the bank one day (my former place of employment) & I started talking to him about a job, it took a couple months of back and forth, but I finally got it.. The job I had specifically asked the universe for.
  • My cat- I know this one sounds funny, but hear me out. Ever since I moved out, I always wanted a cat of my own. But I wanted a calm, cuddly one, that’s friendly, follows you around because they want to be by you, that didn’t scratch up the furniture, would still play with you, & didn’t always puke & pee everywhere. This is a tall order if you’ve ever had a cat, but then after about a year & a half of patiently waiting & looking. We found him, at our local humane society. What’s funny is Brandon actually picked him out, not me, but he is seriously the perfect cat. He was very sweet & calm, but for some reason he was at the shelter for 6 whole months! We have no idea how no one adopted him. We like to think he was meant to be with us. 😉 We were only by him for a couple minutes, so we couldn’t know for sure that he would end up being our dream cat, but we adopted him & everything has worked out great. We’ve had him for 2 and a half years now! 🙂
  • My home- My husband & I were on the hunt for a house basically since we moved out of our parent’s houses and were renting. We knew we wanted 2+ Bedrooms and 1 & 1/2+ baths. We almost bought a house that was a bit more expensive than we wanted with 3 bedrooms with 1 bath, that could maybe have a half bath if we added it, but we didn’t buy it. We really wanted a decent sized, fenced in yard too & off street parking. I had always talked about how I loved my childhood home & never wanted my parents to sell it. They sold it back in 2007. One day, I was driving home from work & took a weird route home, I can’t remember why, but I passed my old house and there was a for sale by owner sign in front of it! I immediately told Brandon we had to at least go tour it. We had just backed out last minute a week earlier on that other house because Brandon had a weird gut feeling, & thank god he did! We ended up buying my childhood home! Now we are slowly fixing it up & it is seriously perfect for us, I wouldn’t want it any other way. It has 2 bedrooms and 1 & 1/2 bathrooms, plus a larger basement office. One day, we would like to make it a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, & it has a nice, good sized, fenced in backyard. Only a one car garage, but we’ve come to prefer that, since one day we would like to only have one car anyway. It also turns out we prefer having less space too, it makes it easier to not have as many possessions. (Which we’re still working on!)
  • Money- I have achieved all of the financial goals I have put my mind to. I plan to keep that streak going. It may take months or years to reach them, but I truly believe they will happen. I think about them positively, then act on my goals, then I’ve formed habits, then I formed values, & now it is my destiny.

I could think of a lot more, but I think you get the idea now 😉

In what ways has manifestation happened for you? Or what would you love to manifest?


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