How to Deal With People Giving You Gifts as a Minimalist..

Wanted to repost this because of the Holiday season.
I hope you find it helpful!

Ease Your Financial Payne

Are you someone who is trying to attain or maintain a minimalist lifestyle, but has friends or family that love giving gifts? This post is for you! My husband and I also struggle with this, but we’ve found some ways to hopefully lessen the influx of stuff that comes into our house.

Some back story…

My husband & I are trying our hardest to become eco-minimalists. Consuming & purchasing as little as we can for environmental, financial, & ethical reasons. We also believe less is more & crave a clutter-free, minimal home.

For both of us, our least favorite love language is gift giving. We both no longer buy each other gifts for holidays or birthdays. We already have everything we could possibly need & don’t want something if we don’t need it. Here’s the problem.. both of our mom’s top love language is gift giving.. this is a struggle…

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