Books That Will Change Your Life!!!

Hello and welcome to a post I am very excited for! All of the books that have changed my life & may change yours too! These books majorly influenced my mind and outlook on life.

*Links are affiliate! Which is awesome because now I can make a bit of money by promoting a company I believe in and can help others learn & buy cheap secondhand books!

  • Retire Young Retire Rich -The first personal finance book I ever read, and the first time I learned you can retire early. This book really started everything back in 2017, not long after I graduated high school, and completely changed my mindset about money.
  • Quit Like a Millionaire -Made me realize I can retire VERY young and how to do it!
  • The Power of Now -A classic. Teaches you that you are not your thoughts, feelings, or mind and that all we ever have is NOW. This helped me get out of my head a bit and have more peace in my life.
  • Lightly -A guide to live your life in a light, stress free way. It mainly talks about minimalism, sustainability and how to let go.
  • Women with Money -The first 3 chapters lead me to some major epiphanies about my relationship with money, based upon what I witnessed growing up, and how that impacts my relationships with people, particularly my spouse. The first section is like financial therapy, much needed for everyone (even if you’re not a woman).
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People -This book taught me to base my life around principles, and so much more.
  • How To Break Up With Your Phone -Provides great assistance in attempting to break your technology addiction, especially to your smart phone. Today, I think everyone needs to read this and work through it. I now need to use Instagram for my job, but I will definitely come back to this book some day! Even so, it did give helpful tips to get me to be on my phone less.
  • The Light Between Us -I’ve always believed in life after death, but this book proves it. It’s comforting to know other people have experienced what I have too.
  • Me and White Supremacy -A guide to combat racism, change the world, and become a good ancestor. This book is for everyone, even people who are mixed race, but particularly non-black people and especially white people. It’s very challenging, but necessary. It makes you come face to face with how you’ve upheld racism, even if subconsciously. It has helped me become a better person, a better friend and a better ally.
  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k -A book that slaps your ego across the face, which is needed. This book helps you get out of your head and stop caring what others think of you.
  • You Are a Badass -Another classic. Teaches you that you are in control of your life, to stop doubting yourself and live the life of your dreams.
  • How to Avoid A Climate Disaster -The solutions we have and the breakthroughs we need. The culmination of decades of scientific research in numerous areas comprises this book. No matter what you think of Bill Gates, it’s a great book full of scientific facts. It is what the title describes: A guide on how the human race can avoid a climate disaster and how much time we have.
  • Harry Potter -To end on a light and fun note. I decided to throw in Harry Potter, because I seriously don’t know what my life would be like without it, which I know sounds crazy.

In the future, I will add more to this post and re-share it!

I believe you are always one book away from changing your life.

-Meghan 🙂

  • ThriftBooks -I LOVE them as a company & order all of my books from them now! They ship super fast, great service, books always show up as described, super cheap, & good for the planet because they’re second-hand, but you get to choose the quality!
  • Mint -Great site/app to manage all of your finances in one spot!
  • BetterHelp -A week of Therapy for FREE!
  • Betterment -Invest your first $5,000 for FREE!
  • Back Market -My referral code: 6888f588d6f85083 -$10 off your order! Refurbished Tech! My sister & I both got “new” phones from there. They’re awesome, great quality, so much cheaper than buying new (by up to 70%), came super fast, was super easy to buy, AND we saved 123 pounds of carbon emissions, each!

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