How Living Sustainably Saves You Money:

There is a misconception that living a more sustainable lifestyle automatically means it’s more expensive. In many ways, it’s actually cheaper than living an unsustainable lifestyle. I’m going to provide different examples of how living sustainably will save you money, most of these are self-explanatory.

  • You can have a smaller trash can, which minimizes your garbage bill.
  • You buy less/spend less, especially in the long run. When you care about the planet, you try to consume/buy as little as you can.
  • Lower energy & water bills because you’re much more mindful to use less electricity & water.
  • Eating healthy/plant based/less red meat can save your health & therefore future medical bill costs. Also, health is wealth.
  • Less vehicles or using vehicles less= lower cost. (gas, maintenance, insurance, etc.) Or using public transportation!
  • Any reusable products. Examples: Reusable water bottles, reusable cotton rounds, reusable storage bags, etc. You most likely won’t have to buy that product again!
  • Buying second-hand is almost always way cheaper.
  • Now that I use period underwear, I don’t have to buy pads/tampons anymore!
  • Sustainability is all about using what you already have first. Then reusing items, reducing your consumption, buying second-hand, repairing what you have and borrowing or renting things you may only use a handful of times.

I didn’t realize how a lot of these practices save you a lot of money until I started doing them myself. When I started my sustainability journey, I didn’t even think about some of these aspects.

I’m not going to get into the large scale costs of climate change for governments (or the whole planet). Examples: The costs of cities being destroyed by hurricanes more regularly, droughts, wildfires, etc.

It’s nearly impossible to evaluate the true price of every living being on Earth & the Earth’s resources as a whole. In my opinion, there is no limit to the value.

What is the true cost of ignoring climate change? The death of every living being, or at least the human race, except the few billionaires that escape to Mars of course. 😉

So if living sustainably saves you money NOW and decreases the likelihood of the extinction of the human race, even if your action(s) only buys us one more second of time, I think it’s worth it. Don’t get me wrong, we need larger scale action, but as I have said before, most big businesses’ top priority is making more money, so if we stop giving them our money, they’ll start to care & make changes.

I do genuinely believe with a lot of people making small changes, we can seriously help stop climate change. We can see that governments most likely aren’t going to stop it in time, but we can still keep trying to get them to!

Please feel free to add anything I may have missed in the comments!

Thank you for reading!


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