Stop Forcing Yourself to Like Things Just Because Other People Like Them..

Recently, I have realized many things I thought I liked as a teenager & college student that I actually dislike/hate.

It’s wild how society will have you thinking you want something when you actually don’t.

So here is a list of things that most people love that I dislike or hate:

(Disclaimer: It’s okay to change your mind. You grow over time, what you want changes, and your values/morals may change. Permission to change your mind. In fact, it’s probably a good thing.)

  • Travelling (I love some destinations though)
  • The Ocean/Beach
  • Shopping
  • House Projects
  • Cooking
  • Elaborate skin/body/hair care routines
  • Hanging out with people frequently
  • Giving & receiving gifts
  • Working out in the gym
  • Coffee
  • Decluttering
  • Eating/Food (For me, I eat to survive, it’s not that pleasurable to me..)
  • Having a lot of décor/clutter
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Going out/parties
  • Having lots of clothes/shoes, especially dressy ones.
  • Staying up late
  • Eating meat, I’ve never really enjoyed it.. 
  • The idea of having a big house/mansion
  • Professional massages/getting my nails done/things like that
  • Having an expensive car & 1 vehicle per adult in the household
  • Living somewhere with only warm weather.

What I ACTUALLY love:

  • Being home
  • Being alone
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Cleaning
  • Organizing
  • Having less items
  • Tea
  • Watching Netflix/YouTube/Twitch
  • Personal Finance -Particularly helping others
  • Planning!
  • Anything comfy & warm
  • Playing Board or Card games!
  • The Sun
  • Environmental Sustainability -Helping others live more sustainably
  • Yoga
  • Going for walks (If its not super cold or super hot)
  • Going to a waterpark
  • Animals, particularly cats.
  • The Morning/Day Time
  • Having a minimal wardrobe and dressing casual
  • Mindful/Present time with my friends or family
  • Not eating meat
  • I want a small home, less to take care of/manage/pay for.
  • A vehicle that can get me from point A to point B, preferably a hybrid or an EV and sharing one vehicle with my spouse.
  • Being in the forest
  • Concerts!
  • Living somewhere that has all 4 seasons

Essentially, I want to change the world, but from the comfort of my own home. 🙂 (INFJ Life) I am a house cat trapped in a human’s body, it’s challenging. 

Have you fallen into this same trap?? Or am I alone in this? lol

I’m sure I’ve left something(s) out, but this is everything I could think of.

Feel free to reflect or comment below! I would love to hear about you evolving as a person.

Also, no hate to people that love what I don’t like! We all love what we love and that’s great!

-Meghan 🙂

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