Returning to School as an Adult:

As some of you may know, I am planning on going back to school starting May 2022. As a 23 year old, I now am noticing a lot of differences this time around. This post is for people who are going to college and what to possibly expect from others.

First though, let me explain why I am going back to school. I am not going back to school to get a job, I am going because I genuinely want to learn, which I’ve learned most people have a problem wrapping their head around. I am also going now because I have the opportunity to because I lost my job and I realized it would be far better to get my bachelor’s degree done before we have a child. If I don’t, I think I’ll always wonder “what if I had gone back to school?” I also really want to meet new, intelligent people who share common interests with me, University is obviously great for this.

As for paying for school, because I am a returning adult student, had a 3.6 GPA for my Associates degree, and lost my job so we have a small income, I get all sorts of scholarships and grants that I couldn’t receive last time around! My plan is if I can’t get 85% or more of my education costs covered by grants and scholarships, then I’m not going back to school because I refuse to go into debt for it. Then you may be thinking that applying for all of this was a waste of time, well it’s not. I would then know that I couldn’t pay for it and gave it my best shot at trying to go back, so I could rest easy knowing it wasn’t the path meant for me. I also already have met so many new people through this process and am sure I will get many grants & scholarships.

People are also confused as to why I chose the Major I did too, Global Studies and World Languages, with a Minor in Spanish. It sounds out of left field for me, but it’s not. I’ve always loved learning about other cultures & languages, and have always made friends with people from other countries.

Since I already have a two year degree in Business Management, have a License in Life & Health Insurance, read lots of business & finance books, and have 4 years of work experience in the financial industry, I feel comfortable and confident with my knowledge of business and finance. My goal is to learn something new. I have talked with friends who have graduated recently from the College of Business at the University I’m attending and they said themselves they don’t think I would get a lot out of a Bachelor’s degree in Business or Finance at this point, it would be redundant. I already get job offers to work for different insurance & financial businesses all the time to make decent money. So I’m not concerned about getting a job post-graduation, if needed, because Brandon’s income alone covers our living expenses. I of course am open to any career or job opportunities this new degree may bring me too, but if it doesn’t yield new job opportunities, I don’t really care.

When I looked at the different major options, I wanted to choose a major that I wouldn’t hate and lose motivation after one semester and quit. Everyone and their mother has been saying I should go into Computer Science or Engineering, here’s the thing: I have never had the slightest interest in that field and all of the courses looked awful to me. I also know tons of people doing those degree programs, we can’t all get degrees in Computer Science or Engineering. I understand it’s a great field with lots of high-paying job opportunities, but that’s not my goal, just read the previous 4 paragraphs again if you’re confused. In the past, I definitely have said Liberal Arts degrees were usually pointless, but I’ve learned things change and it really depends upon the person and their goals!

People will have a lot of opinions about YOUR schooling without knowing all of the facts or what your goals are now. In the end, it’s my time and my life, and my choice. If I’m paying next to nothing for the degree too, then who cares?

This post is just to give people a heads up that if you decide to go to college. It is up to you which opinions you take seriously or not. If they don’t know your plan, goals, passions, etc. then ignore it!

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