I’m Pregnant!!! Oct. & Nov. F.I.R.E. Update:

Our baby on October 13th, 2022. First ultrasound. 💛

I’m Pregnant! I haven’t posted in awhile because life has been very busy with the holidays, baby prep, appointments, work, etc.

The baby is due April 23rd, 2023, and we think that is the perfect time for us to have a baby. We will have the Spring, Summer, & Fall to adjust to parenthood. These times of year come with nice weather & long sunny days, which will help with the postpartum time greatly. We will be finding out the sex of our baby, but we will not be sharing that with anyone until the baby is born.

I also found out my town received a grant from the state for people who are unemployed or underemployed to go back to school at our local tech college for FREE to get a two year degree now through 2024. So I am glad I did not go for a bachelor’s in Liberal Arts, instead I am going to try out getting another AAS in Software & Web Development. I start classes in January, if I hate it then I will just stop after this semester, which lines up well for when I have my baby so I can have a full maternity leave over the Summer. 🙂 (May-Aug)

As you are reading this, I am 20 weeks pregnant today 🙂 so halfway there! I feel the baby move a ton & so can Brandon, despite me not showing very much. I think this is because I am taller than the average woman and slender. Of course over these next 5 months we will be focusing our money on saving for our parental leave!

Also, we are currently watching the World Cup, The Netherlands vs. USA today. Since I have a lot of Dutch followers, may the best team win! It’s looking like you guys are going to win, bummer for us, but congrats!

We also set up a Health Savings Account finally the other day. Brandon now has his own health insurance plan through his employer since he turned 26 in October.

We have a long trip planned this month & will be taking money out of savings ($800) in a week or two to exchange some USD to Euros for spending money while we’re gone.

Our current financial numbers after the last 2 months:

Current Expenses: $2,400/month

Estimated Expenses After Baby: $3,000/month (additional $600 is for medical, diapers, if we need formula, etc.)

Our Partial Financial Independence Goals:

  • $0 Debt.
  • Brandon works part time at his job.
  • We need $2,000+/month in income, whether that comes from investments, Brandon’s part time job, my blog, etc. it doesn’t matter.

Our Current Numbers as of December 3rd, 2022:

  • Roth IRAs (Betterment -SRI Sustainable): $27,504 and $24,858
  • My small Traditional IRA (From an old 401(k) rollover -Betterment): $1,764
  • Tesla: $572 (gambling -IMO)
  • Bitcoin: $465 (gambling -IMO)
  • Total Invested: $55,163
  • Savings: $7,179
  • HSA: $0
  • Debt: -$113,513 (Mortgage only) -On track to be paid off by end of 2034, will most likely be paid off sooner.
  • Brandon is working full time and I am working about 10 hours/week.

In Summary, over the last two months our investments went up about $6,500, our savings went up by $1,800, our mortgage went down $2,000, and we opened an HSA! So I think that is pretty good!

  • My Financial Planning Workbook!
  • ThriftBooks -I LOVE them as a company & order all of my books from them now! They ship super fast, great service, books always show up as described, super cheap, & good for the planet because they’re second-hand, but you get to choose the quality!
  • BetterHelp -A week of Therapy for FREE!
  • Betterment -Invest your first $5,000 for FREE!
  • Back Market -My referral code: 6888f588d6f85083 -$10 off your order! Refurbished Tech! My sister & I both got “new” phones from there. They’re awesome, great quality, so much cheaper than buying new (by up to 70%), came super fast, was super easy to buy, AND we saved 123 pounds of carbon emissions, each!

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