December 2021 Financial Update:

Cover of my Financial Planning E-Workbook

Happy New Year! Let’s hope 2022 is a bit kinder to us than 2020 and 2021… Honestly, for me, 2020 & 2021 were neutral, boring years. I really didn’t do much other than work, read, & write. January 1st, 2022 is my two year anniversary of running this blog! So, thank you for reading & providing support!

I’ve decided to try my hardest to make 2022 the best year of my life, so far. I personally have never had a “best year of my life”, I’ve had amazing moments, but they were usually balanced out by not so enjoyable things happening too.

We didn’t do a whole lot for the holidays. A lot of our family members have been getting Covid over the last month and my side of the family was actually gone in Hawaii for Christmas.

I have some exciting news though!!! I have published a financial planning e-workbook for beginners! It is now up for sale!

In this 34 page printable e-workbook, we will organize and analyze your current financial situation, and figure out your goals! Then we dive into how to achieve them.

Included in this workbook: How to get a raise, sections to track your progress, a glossary to easily reference financial terms as you work through the book, and so much more!

It also works great if you just want to make a financial plan for 2022 and have all of your information in one convenient place! It would mean the world if you decided to purchase my workbook. I put a lot of effort into it and got feedback from many different people with appropriate career and education backgrounds, on how to make it great. I know everyone will learn something from it and/or use this helpful tool to reach their financial goals.

I love writing blog posts and creating content for my easeyourfinancialpayne social medias, but people need financial advice and a financial plan that is tailored to them and their specific needs! This workbook accomplishes that!

Anyway, on to our financial update!

Our Partial Financial Independence Goals:

  • $0 Debt.
  • Brandon works part time at his job.
  • I am self-employed. I can choose how much or how little I want to work & when.
  • We need $2,000+/month in income, whether that comes from investments, Brandon’s part time job, my blog, my workbook, etc. it doesn’t matter.

Our Current Numbers as of January 1st, 2022:

  • Roth IRAs (Betterment -SRI Sustainable): $49,038
  • My small Traditional IRA (From an old 401(k) rollover -Betterment): $1,801
  • Tesla: $1,044.58
  • AYRO (Free Crypto from signing up with Robinhood): $1.61
  • Bitcoin: $1,303.15
  • Total Invested: $53,188.34
  • Savings: $18,001.65
  • Debt: -$121,652.54 (Mortgage)
  • Just Brandon is working full time.

As always, thanks for reading!


  • My Financial Planning Workbook for Beginners!
  • ThriftBooks -I LOVE them as a company & order all of my books from them now! They ship super fast, great service, books always show up as described, super cheap, & good for the planet because they’re second-hand, but you get to choose the quality!
  • BetterHelp -A week of Therapy for FREE!
  • Betterment -Invest your first $5,000 for FREE!
  • Back Market -My referral code: 6888f588d6f85083 -$10 off your order! Refurbished Tech! My sister & I both got “new” phones from there. They’re awesome, great quality, so much cheaper than buying new (by up to 70%), came super fast, was super easy to buy, AND we saved 123 pounds of carbon emissions, each!

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