June 2022 Financial Update:

For the United States, June was a wild month politically, about many varying topics. I won’t get into it, but as a young woman who cares about sustainability & freedom, I bet you can guess some of my thoughts. Some choices were a step in the right direction, some majorly stepping backwards.

Personally though, June was another uneventful month. So I’m just going to dive right into our finances! I do want to say that returning to work has been going well!

Brandon had a ton of medical bills and we paid for the fence & some dental work for me, so our savings is now low, but we will slowly grow it again over the coming months/year.

Next Financial Goals:

  • $20,000 in Savings/potential future HSA
  • Pay off the mortgage

Our Partial Financial Independence Goals:

  • $0 Debt.
  • Brandon works part time at his job.
  • We need $2,000+/month in income, whether that comes from investments, Brandon’s part time job, my blog, etc. it doesn’t matter.

Our Current Numbers as of July 1st, 2022:

  • Roth IRAs (Betterment -SRI Sustainable): $26,005 and $23,643
  • My small Traditional IRA (From an old 401(k) rollover -Betterment): $1,651
  • Tesla: $668
  • Bitcoin: $529
  • Total Invested: $52,521
  • Savings: $3,662
  • Debt: -$117,614 (Mortgage only) -On track to be paid off by end of 2034, will most likely be paid off sooner.
  • Brandon is working full time and I am working part time.

I’ll be honest, I personally regret investing in Bitcoin & Tesla, for now. I’m going to hold it though, but as soon as it reaches above what I bought it for, I’m most likely going to sell. As I have said before, I view these two items as gambling, not an investment. I had never really gambled in the stock market before and wanted to try it out, with a small amount of money, it’s definitely not for me. I’ll stick to my index funds, but it’s a good learning experience.

The market over all though has not been doing great for the last 6 months, but I’m not worried, I know it will come back eventually. You don’t lose money until you sell, and I’m sticking to the plan.

That should be it for our finances this month! Basically our savings & investments went down a lot, but we are slowly chipping away at that mortgage and it’s just a matter of time before the market continues its steady climb.

  • My Financial Planning Workbook!
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  • Betterment -Invest your first $5,000 for FREE!
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