My Goal Life:

Without knowing where you want to go, you will surely get lost along the way, wandering aimlessly. The same can be said about your finances & every other aspect of life. Before you start your conscious journey, Where are you going? Where do you want to end up? What does your dream life look like?

Here is mine:

  • I’m healthy in every way, including spiritually.
    • Vegan Diet
    • Exercise Routine
    • Therapy
  • I Nurture the Relationships that are important to me.
  • Be debt free! (Forever after we pay off our mortgage.)
  • Do what I can to support a more sustainable environment.
  • No more social media, except Pinterest.
  • Travel whenever we feel like it; first class for long flights. -probably go somewhere warm every winter.
  • Be Self Employed and help others through this blog, my Twitch, donations, & volunteering.
  • Have a child.
  • Our house is minimalist & updated.
  • Have a large garden in our yard.
  • We have one used car, that is 100% electric & 2 bikes.

I encourage you all to do the same, write it out. Then plan out how you can achieve each of those goals; create actionable steps.


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