The Best Sustainable Cleaning Products! (No DIYs!)

Want to clean your home without dirtying our planet? In a way that’s easy AND saves you money? I feel you & that’s why I’m writing this post! I suggest saving it or liking it so you can come back & reference it when it’s time to buy new cleaning products! Your own sustainable cleaning cheat sheet.

Some of my cleaning products

I’ve tried quite a few sustainable cleaning products now & I finally have a sustainable cleaning routine for my whole house that I love! (With the exception of toilet bowl cleaner, we’ll get to that later.)

The Products I Use & Love:

I basically own Blueland’s whole range of products at this point. I’m never going back to single use plastic bottles/containers for my cleaning supplies. I wish this post was sponsored by them, but it’s not, lol.

Best Overall Sustainable Cleaning Brands:

(To me, that actually work, are accessible, are affordable, & of course, far more sustainable than some brand owned by Procter & Gamble.)

  • Grove Co. at Target -All Refillable & Recyclable packaging! Cruelty Free & B Certified Corporation!
  • Blueland -All of Blueland’s products are refillable & come in compostable &/or recyclable packaging. They are also a Cruelty Free & B Certified Corporation! Their products actually save you money too! Again, this is good for the planet and your wallet! Also, because they do the small, tablet refills, you will save so much space in your cabinets/drawers! No more clunky plastic bottles, just small refill packets. Which is great if you’re on a minimalism/decluttering journey like us!
  • Ever Spring at Target -Their packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic & are cruelty free, which is great! They are NOT a B Certified corporation though. We want to make sure we support companies or brands that are using 100% recycled packaging to encourage them to keep doing it & show other brands that they should be doing it too if they want our money. With that being said, I try to avoid disposable packaging in general, so I generally prefer Blueland now, then fill in the gaps with the Grove Co. because I can get refills through them instead of buying a whole bottle every time.


  • Blueland Laundry Tablets -I drop 1-2 tablets in with every load of laundry.
  • Blueland Oxi Laundry Booster -You also don’t need to buy their containers, you can reuse a jar you already have and just fill it with their product!
  • Dryer Buddies -Bought them years ago at Target, mine are pufferfish, but now they’re hedgehogs. Good for the planet, but a lot cuter than wool dryer balls. They truly are my dryer buddies. 🙂 Wool Dryer balls are great too!!


  • Blueland Bathroom Spray -I just reused my old scrubbing bubbles spray bottle & put their product in instead. I use it for pretty much everything in my bathroom.
  • Then I will admit I still use my Clorox toilet bowl cleaner, because I want to make sure my toilet is truly clean & disinfected. (Edit: Blueland came out with a toilet bowl cleaner, but it is way more expensive than the one I currently use, so I am not switching to it yet.)
  • Blueland Hand Soap -For this, I would recommend buying their soap pump because it is a foaming hand soap, so it won’t work with all soap pumps.
  • Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper -Made from recycled paper! Or you can choose their bamboo option.


  • Blueland Dish Tablets -I’ve used Cascade for years & I don’t notice a difference in how clean my dishes are when I switched to the sustainable tablets instead, so they work just as well!
  • Casabella Kind Scrub Sponges -Not the most sustainable, but for me, Blueland’s sponges are currently too expensive to justify the price, so I buy these ones from Target. I’m still trying to find a better option.
  • Grove Co. Dish soap -I’m switching to this after I use up my last tiny bit of Dawn. It looks like it will work well, has amazing reviews, and is a cruelty free & B Certified Corporation!


  • Blueland Window Cleaner -Essentially Windex, but sustainable.
  • Blueland Multi-Surface Spray -It works well, but I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest fan of the scent, but that’s just me.
  • Grove Co. Multi-Surface Cleaner – I love the smell of this one more than the Blueland. (Citron & White Rose) Also, it is at Target.
  • Wood Surface Cleaner by Ever Spring– I like the smell of this one a lot too (lemon & mint). I have a lot of wood furniture, so I wanted a special cleaner for it because the multi-surface cleaners weren’t cutting it.
  • I do use things like baking soda, vinegar, & hydrogen peroxide every now and then for random, special cleaning hacks; like getting my baking sheets clean or soaking my shower head.

Thank you so much for reading & I hope this helped someone out out there!

Let’s clean our homes while keeping our Earth clean! 😉

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